Poll: Trump approval rating at 50 percent

The latest survey by Rasmussen finds that President Trump’s approval rating is 50 percent. 49 percent disapprove. Rasmussen surveyed 1,500 likely voters.

Kyle Smith notes that Rasmussen consistently finds Trump’s approval rating to be higher than other pollsters do. However, Smith also says that other pollsters find Trump’s approval rating to be on the rise:

He’s at 47 percent according to The Hill, 44 percent with Reuters, 44 percent with The Economist, 43 percent with Politico. The RealClearPolitics polling average gives Trump an overall score of 44.1 percent. On this day in 2011, then-President Obama’s approval rating according to the same metric was 44.0 percent.

FiveThiryEight, by contrast, claims that Trump’s approval rate is dropping. However, Real Clear Politics supports Smith’s account.

FiveThirtyEight focuses on a poll by ABC News/Washington Post in which Trump’s approval rating is only 38 percent. But the survey to which it links is almost two weeks old and appears to be an outlier.

Given the peace and prosperity America is enjoying under President Trump, his approval rating should exceed 50 percent. It would probably would if Trump showed more restraint in his tweets and other gratuitous commentary.

JOHN adds: Presumably the reason why Trump tends to score better in Rasmussen’s survey than most others is that Rasmussen samples only likely voters. To my knowledge, all other polls, at this stage between elections, sample registered voters, or else anyone who answers the telephone. Most other pollsters start running “likely voter” polls deep into the election cycle. Historically, as one would expect, likely voter polls come closer to predicting election results than registered voter surveys.