The Climate Circus Comes to Town Again

I gather this Friday there is going to be a climate jamboree at the United Nations, and I know what you’re thinking: bor-ing. Yes, indeed. It’s not even worth filling out a Climate Doomsday bingo card with hits on “only 12 years left,” “climate crisis/emergency,” “the ice is melting,” etc.

I may or may not have more to say about it depending on whether there is some original stupidity to be noted. For now, I see that the United Nations secretary general has announced that some countries that are expanding coal-fired power will not be allowed to speak at the UN conference as punishment for their sins. Which countries? Australia and Japan, for starters. (They should count themselves lucky if you ask me.)

But then there’s this admission buried deep in the Financial Times story:

However some coal-loving countries such as China and India, the world’s two biggest builders of new coal stations, will still speak at the summit, according to the draft agenda.

The hypocrisy of the UN blackballing Australia and Japan is made evident from this chart of new coal power planned at the moment:

Meanwhile, if you need further insight into why mainline Protestant Christianity continues to be in rapid decline, look no further than this Tweet this morning from Union Seminary’s  participation in the climate frenzy:

Actually it makes perfect sense when you recall that the climate crusade has become a religious matter, with forced confessions, excommunication of heretics, and the selling of indulgences (called “carbon offsets”) to cleanse your moral conscience.