The Week in Pictures: Whistleblower Edition

So when did “whistleblower” become the DC/mainstream media equivalent of leaf-blower—a loud, annoying device that mostly just rearranges the existing debris because we’re all too lazy to think? And what message discipline! Early in the week we were all supposed to bow down to our child savior, St. Greta of Thunberg, but by Thursday, it was “Greta who?” Nice going, left. Keep going, leftists: the Trump 2020 campaign thanks you. Thank God pumpkin spice is shipping.


Gallery of Stolen Childhoods and Ruined Futures.

Celebrates? If his is her happy face, I don’t want to see her when Trump is re-elected.

Headlines of the week:

If you’re Steve McQueen and you have a motorcycle, you don’t need a gun.

And finally. . .