Trump trolls the mullahs

President Trump’s detachment of the United States from the wagon of the Iranian regime was a mighty deed. What can be said about the Obama administration’s funding of the regime and blessing of its nuclear program? Perhaps that it made the Munich Agreement look good by comparison. At least Neville Chamberlain didn’t agree to fund Hitler’s regime. The abject humiliation of the United States by the terms of the the JCPOA and its secret side deals must have proved an irresistible attraction to the great minds of the Obama administration.

The Democrats can’t wait to undo what President Trump has undone. These are more or less the good old days. I take Trump’s tweet below as a powerful reminder. I’m trying to enjoy them.

NPR provides background on the tweet here. NPR infers that the photograph was classified before Trump revealed it. It’s good that NPR seems to be concerned about the disclosure of such classified information. If they meant it, the concern would be better directed to NPR’s friends at the New York Times and the Washington Post, but they don’t mean it.