You crane!

The Democrats moved so smoothly from Russia and racism to Ukraine that I hardly noticed. Whatever they are talking about — we aren’t entirely clear yet — it requires President Trump’s removal from office. That is the common denominator. They can’t wait for the election coming up next year to dispose of bad man orange.

Mike Pence now! Somehow I suspect that’s not what they’re thinking. Listen to Nancy Pelosi explaining yesterday afternoon (video below). We can’t be certain what she is saying or what her crew of crazy Dems is thinking. We can infer that good grooming is important to her. Beyond that, the meaning is obscure.

I am put in mind of Alice in Wonderland. “‘No, no!’ said the Queen. ‘Sentence first — verdict afterwards.'” We have yet to see anything in the way of evidence.

But what does the sainted Greta Thunberg think? Give me anger or give me death!