A Persuasive Plea for Transparency

Jim Hagedorn is the Congressman who represents Minnesota’s First District. Yesterday he made his way to the place where the Democrats are conducting their secret (except for leaks) impeachment “inquiry” and asked to be admitted. He emails:

Yesterday I visited the secure location in the U.S. Capitol complex where House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff is conducting impeachment hearings in secret.

In order to represent the interests of 700,000 southern Minnesotans, I sought access to the proceedings and/or transcripts of depositions to stay informed of developments in a timely fashion. Despite the fact that hearings are void of classified information, my requests were rebuffed.

Upon leaving the secure area, I was interviewed by national reporters and given the opportunity to highlight the unfair, unprecedented and overtly political Democrat impeachment process that Speaker Pelosi and Chairman Schiff are orchestrating.

Jim’s calm demeanor and unassailable logic make his encounter with reporters effective. One might think that reporters would be on the side of transparency and public information, but of course, one would be wrong. Here is the video: