Behind closed doors (2)

What really happened when the president met behind closed doors with congressional leaders in the White House last week and Nancy Pelosi wagged her finger at President Trump? In his remarks to the press immediately following the meeting, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy did not go into detail. McCarthy subsequently gave an account that contrasted with the one touted by the Democrats and faithfully disseminated by their media adjunct. In an interview with Laura Ingraham (video below, FOX News story here), McCarthy provided additional context to Pelosi’s performance.

In today’s New York Post Miranda Devine gives demerits to both Trump and Pelosi with this cutting judgment:

It’s never a level playing field in the #MeToo era and, unfortunately, women like Pelosi, butter never melting in her mouth, take unfair advantage.

Sitting next to Pelosi, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer peers intently over his glasses at Trump like a scientist inspecting the entrails of a rat. Next to him, Sen. Jack Reed (D-RI), leaning forward, also is studying Trump’s reaction to Pelosi’s harangue.

They’re working on cracking the president and the pressure is unrelenting, day after day. That’s their only plan to win the 2020 election.

Trump says he thrives on the pressure but, honestly, no one can withstand such a barrage indefinitely. It’s forcing him to make errors that slowly but surely are alienating those around him.

In her last point above Lambert picks up the thread started by Victor Davis Hanson in his October 13 American Greatness column “The strategies of targeting Trump.”

As a few have observers have noted, the media’s treatment of Pelosi’s finger-wagging as a heroic act contrasts markedly with the treatment accorded former Arizona Governor Jan Brewer (Republican) in her 2012 encounter with President Obama (Democrat). FOX News covered that angle here for students of ancient history. Governor Brewer herself commented via Twitter.