Ilhan Omar, tabloid style

The Daily Mail has devoted substantial resources to documenting Ilhan Omar’s tabloid life apart from her husband and children. In today’s installment the Daily Mail reports “EXCLUSIVE: ‘She’s not fooling anyone.’ Ilhan Omar lives a double life of secret hookups and romantic vacays to Jamaica with her married aide, as they live together ‘on and off’ and even talk of MARRIAGE (once their divorces are finalized).”

To the tabloid aspect of the Omar saga I would add only this comment. The Daily Mail to the contrary notwithstanding, Omar is not simply leading an old-fashioned double life apart from her husband and children. Considering her fraudulent 2009 marriage, I think Omar is leading something more like a triple life. So many secrets to keep. So many people to lie to. So many witnesses to keep quiet.

It will all come crashing down on her one of these days. I continue to work to make the day arrive sooner rather than later. When the day arrives, the news will come as a great shock to Minnesota readers who rely on the Star Tribune to keep up with their hometown hero.