Impeachment Frenzy Is Hurting Trump

The Democrats launched their bogus impeachment drive just as President Trump’s approval rating was rising in the Rasmussen Poll, the only daily tracking presidential approval survey. President Trump was at 52% approval, 47% disapproval, among likely voters. I predicted that the impeachment frenzy would hurt Trump politically, regardless of the merits of the claims asserted by the Democrats, and it has.

Today’s Rasmussen poll finds Trump at 45% approval, 52% disapproval, which suggests that something like 7% of voters have changed their minds about the president as a result of constantly seeing his name associated with impeachment. This was what the Democrats wanted, and so far, at least, their plan seems to have succeeded.

Of course, the war is far from over. At some point, the Democrats’ impeachment drive will fail, leading some to conclude that it was a waste of time. Also, some voters will no doubt become more informed over time, and realize that the Democrats’ impeachment theories are wholly lacking in substance. And the upcoming reports from the DOJ Inspector General and U.S. Attorney John Durham may be devastating for Democratic politicians and activists, putting the Democrats’ desperate attacks on the president in a quite different light.

So the Democrats’ dishonest impeachment fraud might, at some point, rebound against them. But for now, their impeachment talk is having the desired effect.