Man! I Feel Like a Woman

The boy Mayor of Minneapolis, Jacob Frey, says mean Twitter messages made him feel like a woman, bringing to mind (for me, anyway) Shania Twain. But let’s set the stage: President Trump planned a major rally at the Target Center in downtown Minneapolis. Frey publicly stated that he would like to bar the president from entering his city, but sadly lacks the power to do so–that pesky Constitution again! He then came up with a clever way to achieve his goal of blocking Trump’s appearance–he sent the Target Center’s management a $530,000 bill for “security.”

That didn’t work, and Trump went forward with one of the most successful rallies of his presidency. The evening was marred, however, by leftist Brownshirts who rioted in the streets outside Target Center. As I recorded here, the leftists assaulted numerous Trump supporters, threw urine at police officers, attacked police horses, struck at least one woman in the head with a piece of lumber, blocked parking lots to prevent Trump supporters from leaving the area, created so much havoc that some who attended the rally were held inside the Target Center until it became safe to go out. Meanwhile, the Minneapolis Police Department, under the direction of Mayor Frey, responded passively and made hardly any arrests. Many believe that Frey’s actions encouraged the riot that took place last Thursday.

That is the context in which Mayor Frey complains that people are being mean to him on Twitter:

Actually, Mayor Frey, it gives you an idea of what it is like to be any conservative on the internet.

For those who didn’t get the Shania Twain reference, here she is:

Via Legal Insurrection.