Nancy does Syria, again

Nancy Pelosi is dabbling in Middle East policy again. She’s leading a congressional delegation to Jordan to discuss Middle East “peace” and Syria with members of the royal family.

This isn’t Pelosi’s first foray into Syrian matters. More than a decade ago, she met with Syria’s Bashar al-Assad. At that time, she pronounced Assad the key bringing peace to the Middle East. “The road to peace is through Damascus,” the dupe Speaker declared.

In the years just prior to Pelosi’s visit, the Bush administration had largely succeeded in efforts to isolate Assad, as our European and Arab allies shunned the dictator. But Pelosi’s visit signaled the end of that success. Even the Washington Post called Pelosi’s “pratfall in Damascus” not only “counterproductive” but also “foolish.”

Half a million dead Syrians and six million Syrian refugees later, Pelosi is trying to thrust herself back into the Middle East peace/Syria game. This time, she’s not talking to her erstwhile pal and hero Assad, the primary author of the carnage. But if she had any decency or self-awareness, she wouldn’t be talking to anyone in the region.