NBA Censors Pro-Hong Kong Sign

Americans may be ill-informed about many things, but they know a lot about sports. So, ironically, it could be the NBA’s enforcement of Red China’s strictures on unapproved speech that, more than anything else, educates Americans on the nature of the Chinese regime.

This happened on Wednesday, but I just saw it via InstaPundit. At an exhibition game between the Washington Wizards and the Guangzhou Long Lions at Capital One Arena, two demonstrators wore “Free Hong Kong” shirts and carried a sign that said “Free Hong Kong.” This is what happened:

It has been a long time since I followed the NBA. (How long? The last team I actually rooted for included John Havlicek, Dave Cowens and JoJo White.) So they won’t miss my patronage. But the NBA has shown that it cares more about the government-controlled Chinese market than the free American market; that being the case, I think Americans should exercise their freedom by following some other sport.