The Chuck Todd Experience

In the adjacent post I discuss Vox’s coverage of the Trump rally in Minneapolis last week. Tim Graham chronicles Chuck Todd’s old-fashioned approach to the rally in the NewsBusters post “Call Him Spike? Chuck Todd Vows NOT to Show Trump Attacking Omar, Hunter Biden.” Citing Todd’s MSNBC show this past Friday, the day after the rally, Graham notes that “Todd offered a pompous commentary on how he was refusing to show what he thought was the worst of President Trump’s Thursday night rally in Minneapolis. Todd made it sound like it was beyond the pale to criticize Rep. Ilhan Omar, or Hunter Biden” (video below).

Graham adds: “MSNBC tweeted the video out on the Meet the Press account, and Andrew Klavan tweeted over it ‘I for one feel so safe now that @chucktodd is protecting me from hearing the news.'”