None dare call it deceit, cont’d

On the FOX News Sunday gabfest this morning, Karl Rove made the salient point that I highlighted here, quoting Byron York. Rove put it this way (my transcription):

I love, I love the fact that the Democrats are now decrying the president’s decision not to move aid, lethal aid, rapidly to Ukraine. After all, the previous administration, a Democratic administration, did nothing to send lethal aid to Ukraine — and the non-lethal aid they refused to fly into Ukraine on C-130s because they didn’t want a U.S. “military” presence in Ukraine. So they dropped [it] off in Poland and citizens had to take that non-lethal aid and put it in the back of their little vehicles and trucks and convey it to Ukraine. So this president at least had the guts to give the Ukrainians the lethal aid to stave off the Russian attempt to subvert that country.

I transcribed Rove’s comment from the RealClearPolitics video of the FOX News Sunday panel posted here. Rove’s comment begins on the video at about 8:00. It is actually worth viewing. Rove’s sincere and justified indignation comes through.