The Vindman variations

I stuck with yesterday’s impeachment theater to the bitter end last night. Testifying with Ambassador Kurt Volker, I thought that former National Security Council staffer Tim Morrison was an impressive witness. He foresaw the political damage that the transcript of President Trump’s phone call with Zelensky would do. Events have unfolded more or less as he anticipated; his fears, as he observed in his prepared statement, “have been realized.” Ambassador Kurt Volker was impressive in his own way as well.

Lt. Col. Alexander (“Don’t call me Mr.”) Vindman testified yesterday morning. Watching the proceedings during his testimony, one could reasonably infer the origin of the impeachment proceedings from something Vindman said to the “whistleblower” whose identity is known to all except House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam “I’m only lying when my lips are moving” Schiff.

I take it that Vindman said something to Mr. C. Mr. C. met with his old friend on Schiff’s staff. His old friend helped turn him into a “whistleblower” whose identity, according to Schiff, is absolutely protected from disclosure under the applicable statute. Note that Schiff’s lips were moving when he said so. Brit Hume noticed (tweet below). Matt Vespa usefully reviews the evidence and compiles tweeted comments in the Townhall column “Did Today’s Witness Out Himself as the Leaker Who Reached Out to the Trump-Ukraine Whistleblower?”