An impeachment preview

As the Schiff show moves from the House Intelligence Committee to the nattering nabobs of Nadlerism on the House Judiciary Committee, the curtain goes up tomorrow. Schiff’s impeachment report is to be released later today, but House Intelligence Committee Republicans have already filed their 133-page report summarizing the case against impeachment; the Wall Street Journal has posted it online here.

Wednesday’s Judiciary Committee hearing is to take up the constitutional basis of impeachment with four law professors who have just been identified. Democrats will call Harvard Law Professor Noah Feldman, Stanford Law Professor Pamela Karlan, and UNC Law Professor Michael Gerhardt. Republicans will call George Washington University Law School Professor Jonathan Turley, who airs his view The Hill column “Watergate line speaks volumes about weak impeachment case.”

Our friend Andrew McCarthy appeared on the third hour of the Seth Leibsohn Show with guest host John Hinderaker during the third hour of the show yesterday. I have embedded audio of the entire third hour below. Come for Andy’s discussion of the impeachment; stay for John’s discussion of the Biden bribery. In his just-posted NR column Andy observes: “Impeachment Power Can Be Abused, Too.” The Democrats’ bad faith in the push for impeachment is almost beyond belief.

Phoenix’s AM 960 The Patriot has a page with audio clips of Seth’s excellent show posted online here. You may want to take a look around and check back on a regular basis.