BIden claims he’d consider a Republican running mate.

Joe Biden said today that he will consider choosing a Republican for his running mate if he’s the 2020 Democratic presidential nominee. Biden added, though, that the Republican would have to be “simpatico with him,” and that he can’t think of such a Republican right now.

I can’t either.

John McCain is dead. Anyway, McCain’s ACU rating was around 80 percent. In other words, as a Senator he voted for the conservative position about four-fifths of the time. Not very simpatico.

Before anyone mentions Jeff Flake, let’s remember that his ACU rating was better than 90 percent. This earned him the “award for conservative excellence” from Matt Schlapp’s organization.

Joe Biden’s ACU rating was only 13 percent. In recent times, no Republican, dead or alive, is within shouting distance of that number.

Speaking of McCain and Biden, during a McCain campaign event in New Hampshire that I attended in late 2007, a woman suggested that, in the interest of bringing the country together, McCain select Biden as his running mate. McCain laughed off the suggestion, saying that he’d never get a word in edgewise with Biden around.

Biden has traveled through Iowa on a bus called “No Malarkey.” I’m hoping he wasn’t on that bus when he claimed he’d consider running for president with a Republican. The claim is pure malarkey.