Biden His Time Out of Mind (Updated)

So Joe Biden’s new campaign slogan is “No malarkey”??! Seriously? As usual, the Babylon Bee has the best take:

Many have criticized Joe Biden’s new campaign slogan, “No Malarkey,” for being out of touch and old-fashioned. But new polls show that the slogan is actually a huge hit among the working class in the 1920s. While a minority said Trump was their man and a few liked some of the other Democratic candidates, over 92% of the 1920s demographic said that they were “real keen on Biden.”

“I like this Biden fellow, see?” said one man smoking a cigar in a speakeasy as he cleaned his Tommy gun. “No balderdash, no malarkey, not on his watch, ya got it, toots? He’s the real deal, the bee’s knees, the cat’s pajamas, a real nifty gent, and I ain’t no pushover, ya see?”

Well, I guess this is one strategy for winning back Wisconsin. In the meantime, Sleepy Joe certainly has a firm grasp on malarkey, as this clip—apparently several months old but just getting traction now—demonstrates (just 90 seconds long):

And don’t even start with Biden nibbling on his wife’s finger during a campaign stop a few days ago (appearing in the first 10 seconds of this five minute video clip, though the rest of the clip displays the best of Biden’s incoherence):

I imagine the pucker factor at Democratic National Headquarters is close to eleven.

UPDATE: Some brilliant person has turned in this parody cartoon (which YouTube has labeled as “potentially inappropriate content”):