FEC to Ilhan Omar: Show me the receipts

Fluence Media’s Blois Olson is a versatile Minnesota political and public relations consultant who closely follows the local news. Indeed, he follows the local news more closely than the Star Tribune. In his Morning Take tip sheet today Blois points out that Ilhan Omar’s third-quarter Federal Election Commission report is under review by FEC compliance analysts. Blois has posted the November 21, 2019 FEC letter to the Omar campaign about more than $800,000 in unitemized individual contributions (below). The FEC is looking for the itemization of all contributions of $200 and over, if any.

What is going on here? We will have to tune in later this month; the Omar campaign’s response is due December 26.

UPDATE: I should have expressly stated that Omar’s more than $800,000 in contributions may each be under $200 and therefore compliant with reporting rules. I have added “if any” to the last sentence of the first paragraph to account for this possibility.

11.21.19 FEC Letter to the … by FluenceMedia on Scribd