Labour’s unforgivable shame

Brits go to the polls today in their lost shot at Brexit. The brilliant Douglas Murray memorably sketches one of the other notable choices confronting voters in the Spectator column “Labour’s anti-Semitism shame must never be forgiven.”

The transformation of the Labour Party looks like a harbinger of trends in the Democratic Party. Attention must paid. Murray writes:

A huge amount has been written about Corbyn’s anti-Semitism and links to anti-Semitism. I suspect by now that minds have been made up on every side and that the people who are willing to pretend that it is all a smear campaign organized by the right-wing media have deluded themselves beyond redemption. But for me, in his lifetime of support for anti-Semitic bigots wherever in the world he could find them — a couple of irrefutable facts stand out.

One is Corbyn’s support for Samar Alami and Jawad Botmeh….

Spectator USA managing editor Matt McDonald has made Murray’s column freely accessible at our request. Please check it out.