Republicans Pounce!

You can tell things aren’t going well for the Democrats when the news media’s spin is “Republicans pounce.” Via the Gateway Pundit, the Associated Press laments how Republicans are taking advantage of the Democrats’ valiant impeachment efforts:

I love how Republicans are “wielding impeachment as an offensive weapon!” The AP’s actual news story tones it down some:

Republicans aim to use the House drive toward impeaching President Donald Trump to whittle down Democrats’ majority by dislodging vulnerable incumbents from swing districts loaded with moderate voters.

It could work, especially in Democratic-held districts Trump carried in 2016 with throngs of independent voters who polls shows are closely divided over his removal. Or it could flop, in an era when news zooms by so swiftly that today’s concerns may be eclipsed in 11 months and many people are more focused on pocketbook issues such as health care costs.

Some would say that voters’ focusing on pocketbook issues is what makes the Democrats vulnerable.

Since late September, Republicans and their allies have spent $8 million on impeachment-related TV ads aimed at House members, according to Advertising Analytics, a nonpartisan firm that examines political spending. That’s triple the sum spent by Democrats and their supporters.

The American Action Network, closely aligned with House GOP leaders, has produced TV and digital ads attacking 30 Democrats, mostly freshmen. Spots also “thank” seven Republicans for opposing impeachment, a tactic often used to pressure lawmakers to stand firm.

If you haven’t seen American Action’s ads, this is the one that is running here in Minnesota. Collin Peterson, a relatively conservative Democrat, was one of only two Democrats who voted against the impeachment inquiry:

I don’t believe Peterson has announced whether he will seek re-election next year. If he does, he likely will lose in a district that is heavily, and increasingly, Republican. If he votes for impeachment, he will lose for sure.

Pounce on, Republicans!