David Steinberg responds, cont’d

I have called Guhad Hashi Ilhan Omar’s “enforcer,” a characterization he has embraced, so perhaps “henchman” or “butt boy” would be more appropriate. On Sunday Hashi emitted a stream of vulgar threats against David Steinberg on Facebook. Hashi threatened David in connection with his reporting on the possible federal investigations of Omar. On Sunday afternoon, for example, the New York Post published Ebony Bowden’s article drawing on David’s reporting.

Judging by Hashi’s response, the heat is getting to someone. David continues to document the action and respond on Twitter.

Here David comments on an article by Mike Mullin in the Minneapolis weekly City Pages. The Star Tribune bought City Pages in 2015. Mullin and City Pages are somewhere south of pathetic.

The great silence continues to cover the Minnesota media landscape.