Feel Good Stories for Today

Today’s email brings this hysterical warning from the good folks at The Nation:

Trump’s attacks on public radio are sickening. Trump’s new budget will literally END funding for Public Radio!

Public Radio is SO important for millions of Americans. It provides accurate journalism and high-quality educational programming. Trump knows these cuts mean less educational programming for rural Americans, but he doesn’t care.

Could there be anything more cheering and cockle-warming than hearing that the Federal government might actually cut funding for NPR? (Though I seriously doubt that Trump’s budget proposal will literally END funding.) And can we do the National Endowment for the Arts and the National Endowment for the Humanities next, please?

Next, Business Insider tells us that “Ronald and Nancy Reagan Hosted the Best White House Parties of All Time.” Surely this approaches a Jeffersonian self-evident truth? Seriously, how can you hope to beat this: