Gertrude Himmelfarb, RIP

The great historian Gertrude Himmelfarb died on December 30 at the age of 97. Known to many as the widow of Irving Kristol and the mother of Bill Kristol and Elizabeth Kristol Nelson, she was renowned in her own right. Her death represents an enormous loss beyond her family circle.

Sohrab Ahmari briefly recounted her life in the New York Post column “One of America’s greatest minds.” The Wall Street Journal offered an an editorial appreciation. Mona Charen adds a personal touch to a column devoted to her tribute.

Yuval Levin provides a perceptive overview of her books in “The historian as moralist,” as does Myron Magnet in “The last Victorian sage.” Adam Keiper appends a rich selection of her essays with links following the text of his obituary.

Commentary has posted a list of her writings for the magazine and reviews of her books here. The New Criterion has posted a list of Himmelfarb’s contributions to the magazine here Among those highlighted in TNC’s email to subscribers following Himmelfarb’s death (and, I believe, accessible to nonsubscribers) is “The Englishness of England” (1983), but they are all deeply learned and highly recommended.

The Washington Post obituary by Matt Schudel left something to be desired. Our friend Seth Leibsohn concisely commented on it in the tweets below.