Most-read at the New Criterion

Over the weekend Roger Kimball sent out an email to New Criterion subscribers flagging the magazine’s top 10 most-read articles in 2019 (not all were published in 2019). The top three are all by Northwestern University Professor Gary Saul Morson and generally accessible. Indeed, I think we featured the top two on Power Line. They represent profoundly humane learning and reflection. In case you missed them, here are all 10 (I think they are all generally accessible):

1. “Leninthink,” by Gary Saul Morson (October 2019).

2. “How the great truth dawned,” by Gary Saul Morson (September 2019).

3. “The greatest of all novels,” by Gary Saul Morson (March 2019).

4. “Decline & fall: Classics edition,” Editorial (March 2019).

5. “‘Massive retaliation’: The only answer,” Editorial (May 2019).

6. “A genuinely transgressive act,” Editorial (November 2019).

7. “Woke’s on you,” Editorial (April 2019).

8. “1619 & all that,” Editorial (January 2020).

9. “The perversions of M. Foucault,” Roger Kimball (March 1993).

10. “Borges’s mirror,” Jacob Howland (October 2019).