Resisting the socialist siren

Over the weekend the Wall Street Journal carried Mene Ukueberuwa’s excellent column “Boomer Socialism Led to Bernie Sanders.” Subhead: “Government policies limit millennials’ prosperity, Harvard economist Edward Glaeser argues. Will they realize more of the same isn’t the answer?”

The column gives a glimpse into the argument advanced by Professor Glaeser in his 2019 Manhattan Institute James Q. Wilson Lecture this past September: “The Entrenched vs. The Newcomers.” The Manhattan Institute has posted the transcript of the proceedings online at the link. I have embedded the video below.

The video comes with this summary of the argument: “The proliferation of unfair laws and regulations is walling off opportunity in America’s greatest cities. In this year’s James Q. Wilson Lecture, Edward Glaeser addressed the conflict between entrenched interests and newcomers in its economic, political, geographic, and generational dimensions.” Highly recommended.