The New York Times Never Disappoints!

There’s a joke from way back in the 1980s about how the major media would report the announcement that the world is going to end tomorrow. The Wall Street Journal’s headline would say, “World Ending Tomorrow; Markets to Close Early.” USA Today’s headline would say, “World Ending Tomorrow, but We’ll Grin and Bear It.” And the New York Times headline would say: “World Ending Tomorrow: Women and Minorities Hardest Hit.”

Lo and behold, here is a real New York Times headline from two days ago:

It’s like they’re trying to put the Babylon Bee out of business or something.

Meanwhile, the Times has announced its endorsement for president. Big surprise: they have endorsed a Democrat. As they have for the last 50+ years. But wait—they’ve actually endorsed two Democrats: Amy Klobuchar and Elizabeth Warren. The Times is calling it a “break with convention,” but it is exactly the opposite: clearly they cannot endorse a white male, no matter how experienced or qualified. Nothing is more conventional for liberalism today than the default to identity politics.

The Times endorsement essay offers some wonderful comedy writing, such as: “Senator Warren is a gifted storyteller.” Did no one at the Times pause for a moment to ponder how true this is?

And this passage about Klobuchar is fun: “Reports of how Senator Klobuchar treats her staff give us pause. They raise serious questions about her ability to attract and hire talented people.” Well, New York Times editorial writers obviously don’t have to worry about finding out first hand.