Bernie’s Socialist Paradise

Bernie Sanders has visited the Soviet Union, Nicaragua (celebrating the sixth anniversary of the Sandinista revolution), and Cuba. Twice. Bernie’s line on Cuba is that, while it is a poor country with a less than perfect government, there is much we could learn from Fidel’s regime. Cuba embodies the socialism that Sanders espouses, albeit without his “democratic” gloss.

In this Turning Point USA video, four young Americans who are steeped in the pro-Cuba propaganda that is ubiquitous in academia and the popular culture visit that country. What they find is shocking. It shocks them, anyway. Their stay, while revealing, is brief, since the Cuban police don’t like their filming of endless gas lines, empty stores and Cubans living in ruined hovels. At 14 minutes, it is well worth your time. The video’s title is, “Everything You’ve Ever Seen About Cuba Is A Lie.” If you are an American student, I am pretty sure that is true.