In which the Bloomberg campaign calls me

The Minnesota Bloomberg campaign just called my landline at home. The caller id. in fact identified that it was the Bloomberg campaign calling. Assuming it was a recording, I picked up to hear what the campaign had to say. The call was live, however, and the caller identified herself as Donna.

I asked her where she was calling me from; she told me from Hopkins Crossroads (in one of the nicest suburban Twin Cities areas). She wanted me to talk about my intentions and knowledge of the upcoming primary on Tuesday. I asked her if I could get a copy of the Bloomberg radio ad I heard yesterday (and wrote about here this morning).

Donna put Peter on the line to answer my question. Peter explained that the ad had been written for a Minnesota audience by the Bloomberg state political director. I told him I was impressed by the local angle. He explained that their expectations in Minnesota were different (translation: lower) in Minnesota than in other Super Tuesday states because of the Klobuchar factor. The ad is not running outside Minnesota. They are obviously proud of it.

Peter put Donna back on the line. I asked her where she got my number. She said she didn’t know; she was just cold calling from a list whose source she couldn’t identify. I told her I intended to vote on Tuesday but valued my privacy. She asked me to confirm that I had not voted early. I told her I hadn’t and didn’t want to respond to further questions. She asked me, “Aren’t you even going to tell me what you think about Mike?” No, I was not, but I will share this insight with Power Line readers. The man has money to burn.

I gave Peter my cell phone number; he said he would text me a link to the ad. Promises! Call me cynical, but I doubt it.