James Freeman’s question revisited

As of this moment, my January 31 post “James Freeman’s question” is the most read post on Power Line. How can this be?

Howie Carr got the ball rolling; Howie tweeted out my post that morning. Thank you, Howie. President Trump retweeted Howie’s tweet last night (screenshot below), and some of President Trump’s 72 million followers on Twitter are now checking out the post. Thus the traffic to the post this morning.

Without further comment, I want simply to revisit the question the president found of interest:

In his online Wall Street Journal Best of the Web column, James Freeman asks “Who is Kevin Clinesmith?” The column explores the media’s extreme lack of interest in Clinesemith since the publication of the Department of Justice Inspector General report on FISA abuse in the matter of Carter Page and the Trump 2020 presidential campaign. The headline poses a good question, but Freeman closes his column with an even better one:

Others may have a different view, so perhaps a survey is in order. In the comments section below this column, readers are invited to opine on which one of the following scenarios represents the greatest threat to American liberty:

A) After identifying a U.S. citizen volunteering for the U.S. presidential campaign of the party out of power, the FBI makes false claims and persuades a federal court that the citizen may be a Russian agent and should be subjected to electronic surveillance.

B) After observing a U.S. citizen obtain a Ukrainian company board seat for which he was manifestly unqualified while his father was running Ukrainian policy for the U.S. government—and in which capacity the father would later demand the firing of a local prosecutor investigating the son’s business associates—the U.S. President urges the government of Ukraine to investigate.

Referring to the FBI’s FISA abuse in the surveillance of Carter Page and the Trump campaign, Freeman offered this helpful clue to the correct answer: “This column is struggling to recall a more serious allegation of abuse of our democratic process by officials of the federal government.”