Omar Slanders a Much Better Person

Has anyone in American history been subjected to as much casual, unfounded calumny as Donald Trump? Lincoln, possibly. It is hard to think of anyone else. Among other things, it is an article of faith in the Democratic Party that President Trump is a racist–a claim for which there is literally zero evidence.

Ilhan Omar, always in the vanguard, tweeted this yesterday:

Omar thinks nothing of accusing the President of the United States of trying to prevent billions of people from existing. According to her, he wants them all dead and is “tryi[ng]” to bring about that result. Apparently no one on the Left ever stops to think whether this is a sane assertion.

The context of Omar’s tweet is immigration. She apparently doesn’t understand that President Trump’s immigration policies (enforce existing law as required by the Constitution, and do what is possible to move our system toward a merit-based approach like Canada’s) primarily benefit “black and brown” Americans, at the expense of rich whites who like cheap labor.

Does President Trump hate “black and brown” people and want to “prevent [them] from existing?” That is Omar’s claim. My own observation has been different. Twice now, I have been present in the East Room of the White House while Trump has welcomed a raucous group of 300 to 350 young black Americans. The rapport between Trump and these audiences has been striking. They have repeatedly broken into chants of “Trump…Trump…Trump,” “USA, USA, USA” and “Build that wall…Build that wall.” Ilhan Omar might not understand the impact of illegal immigration on the wages of many black and Hispanic Americans, but these young black people do. I took this picture in the East Room last Fall, while President Trump was speaking. At least 95% of those in the room were black. They loved Trump, and Trump loved them:

Casual slander is nothing new in politics, of course. But alleging that the President of the United States is trying to bring about the non-existence of billions of people represents a new low.