Schuminations: Hiding the truth [hoaxed!]

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer speaks for a lot of Democrats: whatever President Trump says or does, it’s wrong. In the fullness of time — say, a week or two — when Schumer himself is proved wrong, deposit your schuminations down the memory hole and count on your friends in the media to safeguard the hole.

Below we have a deleted schumination that both incorporates the Democrats’ obligatory critique of Trump and promotes open borders. The promotion comes with the whiff of Trump’s alleged bigotry that is also part of the protocol: Trump is conducting an “ongoing war against immigrants.”

Via Glenn Reynolds/InstaPundit.

HOAXED: My apologies to readers. The allegedly deleted Schumer tweet does not appear in Pro Publica’s authoritative list of deleted Schumer tweets. I regret not verifying the authenticity of the deleted tweet before posting this. I’m declaring it a hoax. I plead in mitigation that I trusted Glenn!