Slow Joe’s Slow Fade

The pathetic, slow-motion collapse of Joe Biden is sad to watch, even if, like me, you can’t stand the guy and think he is one of the most duplicitous and mediocre politicians of our age. Is it time to start the pool on the day he finally yields to reality?

The Democrats’ delegate selection process actually gives him lots of reasons to stay in, as he might pick up enough delegates to be a factor at a brokered convention, and perhaps hope that the party will turn to him after all as the most likely person to beat Trump. For one thing, looks like the rest of the field is already looking past Biden, with Bloomberg and Sanders about to throw down big time.

Biden’s latest gaffe is his admission that Democrats take the black vote for granted, which is one sure way to lose some of it to Trump:

The Democratic presidential candidate said he has “overwhelming support” from the African American community, adding that he attributes the same “overwhelming support” from black voters to past Democratic presidential wins dating back to President Carter.

“You can’t win – you can’t take it for granted. Last time we ran it was basically taken for granted,” Biden said on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

The story goes on to say polls show Biden’s support among black Democrats in the key state of South Carolina is slipping. And Politico reports today that his campaign apparatus in South Carolina is not up to snuff:

In a state where African Americans cast 61 percent of the primary vote in 2016, a February Quinnipiac poll showed Biden’s support among African-Americans at 27 percent — a 22-point slip from before the Iowa caucus. .

But check out Jack Schafer, also writing at Politico for the most brutal and honest truth about Biden:

Bidenspeak has proved to be a colossal failure, imparting no punch, either literal or serious, on Democratic voters eager for a uniting figure. . . The Biden campaign is a three-stage missile that carries no payload. Roaring, crackling and rising on a tail of fire, it landed in the first two states with no real purpose. In the final days of his dismal New Hampshire campaign, the Biden campaign went on the attack, blasting Pete Buttigieg and Bernie Sanders, but the gun was shooting Nerf bullets.

The saddest thing about the doomed candidacy Biden is piloting is that nobody—outside his family and paid staff—will weep the day it sputters and falls back to earth.

I almost feel bad for the Democrats. Almost. But the popcorn is just too yummy.