Quarantine Hobbies

So as we settle in to what I’m calling The Great Hunkering Down, it appears I may have acquired a mild form of a non-contagious hobby to pass the time: trainspotting. Lately on my late afternoon walks when I’m working at my temporary residence (long story) down in central coast wine country, I’ve taken to walking along a dirt road parallel to the train tracks around the time the daily northbound Amtrak Coast Starlight (which I sometimes ride up to the Bay Area) rolls through. I am surprised at how often it seems to run on time these days; it has a reputation for running hours late all too often.

So I’ve started snapping photos when it rolls by. And I might as well offer up a gallery for the heck of it, because what else have we got to look at with all major sports called off, etc. Today, I stood on a mound that put me at eye level with the upstairs train windows, and I didn’t spot a single person in any passenger car.

Be sure to scroll to the video at the end. Today I decided to step up my game with one of my older GoPros.

P.S. As for the “hunkering down” of life right now, forget toilet paper. Today I secured the really important things.