The Power Line Show, Ep 172: Breaking Down the Oil Price War and the Coronavirus with Mark Mills

Mark Mills

I’m posting this week’s episode a couple days ahead of our usual weekend schedule to keep up with the fast-moving news cycle about the most important story of the week—no, not the coronavirus, but rather the oil price war that broke out last weekend between Saudi Arabia and Russia. The timing may not be purely coincidental, as I discuss with my guest this week, Manhattan Institute senior fellow Mark Mills. Mark is my go-to person for all things pertaining to energy and our ongoing digital revolution.

Bottom line: Oil isn’t going away any time soon, and the independent oil sector in the U.S. holds the high cards in this battle over the long run—but the next year or so could be very rough. Toward the end of our conversation Mark also offers his typically unique thoughts about what we’re going to learn from the COVID 19 experience.

Mark’s latest book is Digital Cathedrals: The Information Infrastructure Era, about which you can read a nice excerpt from Mark here. And you should also take in his latest observations on the energy scene in his recent City Journal article “Old Energy, New Boom.”

Now back to your regularly-scheduled toilet paper hoarding. (But only after you listen here or download the episode from our hosts at Ricochet, or your other favorite podcast source. AND after you leave us a five-star review on iTunes or the other podcast outlets. It helps a lot!)