The Power Line Show, Ep 174: A Look at COVID-19 Data, with Brian Sullivan

Brian Sullivan

No doubt many of you have been taking in the insights and observations on our site this week from long time Power Line friend Brian Sullivan. What you may not know is that Brian is a serial entrepreneur, having founded or led several successful startups in the domain of health care and medical devices, including Sterilmed, a medical device company, from 2003 until its sale to Johnson & Johnson 2011, and as cofounder and CEO of Recovery Engineering, a filtration company that he took public and subsequently sold to Proctor & Gamble in 1999.

His current startup is Celcuity, a biomedical research firm currently working on highly specialized cancer research. As readers have seen, Brian has unique thoughts on the coronavirus epidemic, especially some caveats about the reported data and what we should be looking for in terms of data quality, completeness, and what really matters most—the number of fatalities and the overall morbidity rate. We thought it would be worth hearing directly from Brian about all of this, and in this conversation he offers some facts and figures about Japan and South Korea that have not been been widely reported or appreciated.

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