The Power Line Show, Ep 175: The Green Nude Eel and Other Heterodoxies, with Sarah Hunt

Sarah Hunt

Another bonus coronavirus martial law edition. There’s gonzo, and then there’s Sarah Hunt. Hunt is the humorist/policy activist who came up with the moniker “Green Nude Eel” in response to the preposterous extravagances of the utopian environmental left and in particular a certain freshperson congresscritter whose name shall not be uttered here. But Hunt, the founder of the Joseph Rainey Center, a boutique Washington think tank, is an environmentalist herself, but one so idiosyncratic that it might be better to think of her as idiosocratic instead. Certainly we have fun with our frequent re-enactments of The Symposium.

Certainly we have a great time kicking around everything from energy and environment to—what else?—the coronavirus crisis (don’t miss her article in The Federalist about how her homeschooled  neurosurgeon sister is making masks at home between hospital rounds), to the endless comedy of Washington DC, including the answer to the great question, what do lobbyists and sex offenders have in common? You’ll have to listen to the find out the answer, which also comes along with some food and drink recommendations for your extended quarantine.

She’s also the vendor of politically subversive (meaning politically incorrect) swag, such as “Swamp Lives Matter” t-shirts and mugs at PoliticalStitch.

You know what to do next. Right here, or Ricochet. Or your other favorite podcast outlet. More on the way.