Who’s Fiddling?

I don’t watch television, so I am spared much of the madness that most people have to absorb. But I take it that the Democrats and their press are still doing their best to blame COVID-19 on President Trump. This makes no sense, obviously, but when has that ever stopped them?

On CNN on Sunday, Nancy Pelosi said, “As the President ‘fiddles,’ people are dying.” That is an absurd way to charactrize the frenetic activity being engaged in by the administration, but CNN had no problem with it. Likewise NBC, where Chuck Todd hopefully asked Joe Biden whether it is fair to say that President Trump has “blood on his hands” over the epidemic. Trump responded to Pelosi’s smear by saying, “She’s a sick puppy, in my opinion.”

Meanwhile, what was Pelosi doing when the coronavirus was spreading, and she now says the president’s response was not sufficiently draconian? This is how she spent her day on February 24: promoting tourism in Chinatown.

The press’s attempt to blame the Wuhan flu on President Trump is insane, but not surprising. Glenn Reynolds sums up succinctly what is going on:

There was a sea change with Katrina, where they realized that if they all agreed on a narrative, even if it was false, and all stuck to it despite all criticism, they could swing an election. Since then, they’ve doubled down repeatedly, and every time you think they’ve bottomed out, they go lower. That they do this without concern for any collateral damage they might be doing to their audience or to the nation is particularly reprehensible. It’s no surprise that some call them enemies of the people.