Yesterday’s Wuhan coronavirus numbers

The number of new reported Wuhan coronavirus cases in the U.S. surged yesterday (March 19). According to data posted by Worldometer, there were 4,530 new reported cases here yesterday. That’s about one-third of the total reported cases in the U.S. (13,789).

The day before yesterday, by comparison, there were 2,848 new reported cases in the U.S. This represented about 30 percent of total cases at the time.

The death count in the U.S. also accelerated. On March 18, we had 41 new reported deaths due to the virus. Yesterday, we had 57. That brought the total to 207.

According to the Worldometer chart, only Italy had more reported new cases yesterday than the U.S. did. In Italy, there were 5,322 new cases. As noted, we had 4,530.

In my post of yesterday, I compared the U.S. numbers to those of France. I wrote:

France had almost the same number of reported cases as did the U.S. However, France had only about half as many reported new cases yesterday as we did. It had twice as many new reported deaths, though.

Now, we have surged well past France in total number of reported cases, and we had considerably more than twice as many new reported cases as the French did yesterday. France again had twice as many deaths as we did due to the virus. This may be due to the fact that, compared to the U.S., the cases in France disproportionately consist of ones in their later stage.

I’m looking for trends in these numbers. It’s too early in my watch to have found them. However, some may soon emerge.