A Master Class In Education

Which state has a better public school system, Minnesota or Mississippi? If you said Minnesota, you agree with 100% of Minnesotans and probably some Mississippians, too. But it isn’t true: especially when it comes to minority students, Mississippi does a better job at a fraction of the cost.

Does more money produce better schools? Learn the answer by tuning in to American Experiment Policy Fellow Catrin Wigfall’s Master Class in Public Policy tomorrow, at noon Central time. Catrin’s talk will focus mostly on Minnesota, but the issues she addresses are playing out all across the country. Catrin previews the program:

You can go here to register. It’s free! And if you miss the presentation live, it will be archived so you can watch it at your leisure. Live is best, though, as I will be monitoring questions and comments and tossing them to Catrin for a response.

Tomorrow’s program is one of our four-part “Master Class In Public Policy” series. During this time when it is illegal to meet in person, we are producing virtual content to fill the gap. The first session, with economist John Phelan, was a big success. If you missed it, you can watch the video here.

Hope you can join us tomorrow!