Meet Alex Berenson

FOX News has posted Adam Shaw’s profile of Alex Berenson under the headline “Meet the former NYT reporter who is challenging the coronavirus narrative.” It is an excellent profile that covers the key points Berenson had made in the public health panic leading to the shutdowns that are devastating our economy.

Why is Berenson more or less a lone wolf tormenting his former colleagues in the mainstream media? Despite their heroic self-image, they are pathetic pack animals and Berenson has developed his own form of herd immunity.

Shaw mentions Berenson’s contrarian anti-pot book. He doesn’t get around to Berenson’s second career as an award-winning novelist. That also sets him apart from the pack.

Shaw writes: “Now [Berenson has] turned to challenging the narratives on the response to the coronavirus. What Berenson is promoting isn’t coronavirus denialism, or conspiracy theories about plots to curb liberties. Instead what Berenson is claiming is simple: the models guiding the response were wrong and that it is becoming clearer by the day.”

In the current crisis Berenson has made his mark on Twitter. His Twitter feed is here. This is a good one.

Here is an exchange with anti-Trump Washington Post numbnuts Phil Bump.