The Power Line Show, Ep 179: A Question of Power, with Robert Bryce

Robert Bryce

This special mid-week edition offers an alternative to the all-virus/all-the-time coverage currently smothering all other topics right now, this time featuring Robert Bryce talking about his brand new book A Question of Power: Electricity and the Wealth of Nations. The book is a companion to his documentary film Juice: How Electricity Explains the World that will be available on streaming services in June. (For the moment, check out the YouTube trailer below.) And what could be more suitable for Power Line than a conversation about power!

The American public at large tends to take electricity for granted since our supply and grid are so reliable, but in fact the sources and distribution are complex. In our conversation Robert and I break down a lot of energy basics, debunk some favorite “green” energy myths, review the main problem of electricity (that it is hard to store electrons in sufficient quantity), and look over where nuclear power stands today.

Gregg Easterbrook had a terrific review of A Question of Power in the Wall Street Journal on Monday, which subscribers can read here.

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