Dear Governor Walz

I am scheduled to appear on Justice and Drew this morning at 7:35. The show is broadcast on Twin Cities News Talk 1130 AM from 6:00 to 9:00 on weekday mornings. You can stream the show at either of the links. The show is also available by podcast.

I will be talking about my experience trying to cover the daily state briefings on the Wuhan virus in Minnesota. Until early last week, Minnesota Department of Health media contacts Doug Schultz and Michael Schommer included me in the briefings run by MDH. They have failed to respond to my messages — both email and voicemail — asking why they have excluded me since early last week.

On days when MDH doesn’t run the briefings, they are run by Governor Walz. Early on I was instructed by Schommer to contact Walz press secretary Teddy Tschann if I wanted to be included in those briefings. On April 15 Schommer advised me: “Media participation in these calls is coordinated by the Governor’s communications office. I will refer you to Teddy Tschann. His email is [omitted].” Over the past three weeks I have written Tschann five times with no response. A week ago yesterday I tweeted Walz directly (below), also without any response.

Walz frequently cites “the Minnesota way” to support his actions. This isn’t the Minnesota way. It’s not even decent. Please tune in this morning when I can call out these public servants by name.