Live From Minneapolis

For a generally quiet, mid-sized metropolitan area, the Twin Cities seem to find themselves in the news often. That is true these days, with the George Floyd case and the riots we have experienced. Interest in what is going on here is reflected in my media calendar for the next 30 hours. I encourage you to tune in to any of these shows you might be able to catch:

* Tonight I will be on Andrew Bolt’s Bolt Report, on Sky News television in Australia, talking about the Floyd case and the riots in the Twin Cities.

* Tomorrow I am guest hosting for Dan Proft, who, in addition to his regular morning show in Chicago, has the 9 pm to midnight shift on the Salem network. We will pre-record in the morning; the format is interesting because it has no callers, but plenty of guests. My guests tomorrow will include Scott, talking about COVID in Minnesota and his lawsuit against the state for access to the Governor’s and Health Department’s briefings. Kyle Hooten will also be a guest. He is the 21-year-old college student who, more than anyone else, braved the Minneapolis riots in their early days and came away with video footage and accounts of the mayhem for renegade news service Alpha News. You should be able to hear the show on any Salem station from 9 to midnight tomorrow.

* At 12:30 tomorrow, Central time, I will be on the Dennis Prager show, talking about the Floyd case and the riots.

* At 2:15, I will be on Bill Bennett’s podcast. If you are not in the habit of listening to Bill’s podcast, you should check it out.

* Wednesday evening, I will be on Jim Vicevich’s podcast.

I will update with any further radio or TV programs that are added between now and tomorrow evening.

There are many interesting aspects to the Floyd case and the riots, some of which we have written about here. For example:

* What actually killed George Floyd? The Medical Examiner’s preliminary report casts doubt on the conventional narrative that he was asphyxiated by the police officer who knelt on or near his throat for several minutes. This fact has not yet been reported by the Star Tribune or, as far as I know, other conventional news outlets.

* Local authorities, including Minneapolis’s Boy Mayor Jacob Frey and the City Council, are solidly anti-police. They run for office on anti-police platforms and rarely support the Minneapolis PD. At the same time, they are literally the only people in the world who can reform that department, if it needs reforming–I think it does–and they steadfastly refuse to take responsibility for their own police department, or take any serious action to reform it.

* Who are the rioters and arsonists who have devastated Minneapolis and St. Paul, and to a lesser extent several suburbs? Our Governor and other officials cling to the theory that they are “outside agitators”–in particular, white supremacists, a counterintuitive theory on its face, given how many of the rioters are black. Of course, no actual white supremacist has yet been identified, and there is strong evidence that Antifa has sent rioters from other cities. Further, the authorities were embarrassed yesterday when a local TV station obtained records from jails in Minneapolis and St. Paul and found that a large majority of those arrested had Minnesota addresses.

* To what extent are Minnesota’s authorities on the side of the rioters and arsonists? Our Attorney General, Keith Ellison, is on record supporting Antifa. On Twitter, he promoted the absurd conspiracy theory that property damage was being done by one or more agent provocateurs who, according to local leftist legend, are undercover policemen. Thus it is really the police who are responsible for the arson and looting. You can’t make this stuff up, but it all makes sense, apparently, to our Attorney General.

* Both Governor Walz’s daughter and Ilhan Omar’s daughter have tweeted support for the rioters, and in Walz’s case she tipped off rioters to the fact that the National Guard would not yet be in place that evening, so it would be safe to loot and burn. Her Twitter account was subsequently taken private. Has any local reporter asked about leaks coming from the Governor’s Mansion? Not that I know of.

These will be interesting conversations, try to tune in if you can!