Loose Ends (109)

Haven’t done a collection of short rando items for a while, so time to catch up.

From CNN:

Purdue University President Mitch Daniels said the school is taking a hybrid approach to education as it gears up for the upcoming semester, plus implementing new safety measures for students. . .

“Many teachers, we will insist, teach only online. But those who are in classrooms will be at [an]…extra-protective distance, probably behind Plexiglas and so forth,” Daniels said.

Well, I suppose it’s not as good as a padded cell, but at least Plexiglas is a good start.

Listen to the experts!, we are told endlessly. Let us apply the proper taxonomy to this claim to rule: Epistocracy. Margaret Thatcher had the right line on this in a comment she made way back in 1973: “It’s a false assumption that if you get a government of all the best brains, the best brains will agree what to do.”

Finding scenes where The Simpsons predicted the future has been a cottage industry for a long time now, but this one, from nearly 10 years ago, seems close to the mark: