Mask As I Say, Not As I Do [Updated]

This, via Twitchy, is hilarious. An MSNBC film crew is in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, pretentiously bemoaning the fact that no one is wearing a mask. “Are they not worried about their personal safety?” And a passerby gets off the perfect riposte:

This one shows the same thing from another angle, and a little more of the conversation, with another un-masked MSNBC crew member:

We have seen this kind of thing many times, from the newswoman who tore off her face mask as soon as she was off camera, after ripping President Trump (or Vice President Pence) for not wearing one, to the immaculately coifed Dr. Fauci, who seems to have access to illegal haircuts, unlike the rest of us. Put every “news” person on television in that category, too.

There is a reason why no one takes these bozos seriously.

UPDATE: Here is another one, this time CNN:

To paraphrase a great American, they have no credibility to lose, and they know it.