Speaking of unprecedented

Barack Obama has a conflict of interest — a personal stake — in commenting on the ordeal of Michael Flynn and the Russia hoax in which it was embedded. One would never know it, however, from the ecstatic dissemination of the leak of his halting comments on the Department of Justice’s motion to dismiss the Flynn case.

Jonathan Turley takes a headfirst dive into Obama’s comments in “President Obama Declares ‘There Is No Precedent That Anybody Can Find’ For The Flynn Motion [He May Want To Call Eric Holder].” He also tweeted his column out with a dig at a prominent host of one of the Sunday morning gabfests (below).

The larger scandal of the Russia hoax that Attorney General Barr is investigating is indeed unprecedented. It is by far far the biggest scandal in American political history.

Professor Turley also comments on the case of Chuck Todd that I take up in a nearby post (below).