Loose Ends (111)

This weekend’s body count from Chicago:

18 dead, 47 wounded in Chicago weekend shootings

Chaser: Trump’s letter to Chicago Mayor Lightfoot and Illinois Gov. Lightweight:

“More Americans have been killed in Chicago than in combat zones of Afghanistan and Iraq combined since September 11, 2001, a deadly trend that has continued under your tenure. . . Your lack of leadership on this important issue continues to fail the people you have sworn to protect.”

But Chicago has strict gun control, so there’s that!

I’ve got a couple of great new Power Line podcast episodes in the can and rolling out later this week, but I was also a guest on the “In the Trenches” podcast with the young Seth Root a couple weeks ago, discussing the statesmanship of Ronald Reagan—always a fit topic, especially for the younger generation. While you wait breathlessly for the next Power Line Show, you can download and give a listen to this episode here.

At this point it looks as though Republicans will need to appoint all nine members of the Supreme Court to stand a 50/50 chance that five of them will rule sensibly.

It has now been 36 days since the death of George Floyd, and Yale University still hasn’t changed its name. #CancelYale

A number of colleges have rescinded admissions for students who they subsequently discovered had indulged in insensitive (or worse) comments or behavior some time in their youthful past. I note in passing that the leader of the effort to topple the statue of Lincoln in Washington DC is a Harvard student. Will he face any discipline from Harvard for this advocacy of criminal vandalism? Hypothetical: How would Harvard react if a conservative student advocated vandalizing the Martin Luther King memorial on the Capitol Mall?

I think we know how’d they’d respond.