The Power Line Show: Special VIP Highlights Edition

On Wednesday, “The Beatles” (John, Paul, George and Ringo, Scott, and Steve) got together for a live online VIP chat session, covering everything from the riot scene, the fall election, statue-tipping, The NASCAR-crash, and other sports. A lot of VIP members who couldn’t make the show asked if we’d make available a recording, and we decided to make a highlight reel into a podcast and offer it to the public. If you’re a VIP member, we thank you, and if you’re not, here’s a sample of the live, interactive meetup you can participate in for just a few dollars a month.

I edited the show down by more than a third, cutting out not merely some redundancies, but an interminable reminiscence of the Minnesota Twins move from DC to Minnesota back in the ancient of times. Some other episode perhaps.

John Hinderaker is in the host chair for our VIP videochats. Take it away, John.

You know what to do next: listen here, or download from our hosts at Ricochet.