Coronavirus in one state (70)

It should be hard to sustain the panic over the COVID-19 epidemic in Minnesota. New deaths are extremely low. Over the last three reported days, for example, the authorities have attributed five, five, and four deaths to COVID-19. Of these 14 new deaths, 12 occurred among mostly elderly residents of long-term care facilities. LTC deaths amount to 78 percent of total death attributed to the disease. The median age of decedents in the last weekly COVID-19 report — the one dated July 9 — is 83.6.

I don’t think the number of hospitalizations attributed to the disease would even be noticeable if it weren’t for the daily tracking. The authorities sustain the panic with reports of new cases among a demographic that skews increasingly younger. Sorry, and sorry for repeating myself, but we really ought to be able to look out for ourselves at this point.

I have embedded Friday’s health department press briefing below. After several prepared presentations, the questions posed by those inside the circle of love begin about 35 minutes in.

UPDATE: In the data reported at 11:00 this morning, the authorities attributed three new deaths to the disease. The youngest of the new decedents was in his 50’s.